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Hi, I am Lucas Hirata. A creative director crafting ideas in Los Angeles

2012 TV interface Concept

Designing a TV OS

Vizio decided to develop a new TV OS. My point of view was that people care about shows, artists, sport teams, moods, genres and so on, but not about the source the content comes from. Using this strategy, I designed a interface that integrated content from a wide variety of sources including Netflix, Hulu, on-air tv, cable, YouTube and more. Aware that browsing for and finding content is a hassle, I decided to design a really passive experience. The idea was to play something as soon the TV turns on. The experience’s initial screen also provided suggestions based in the user’s habits, behaviors, interests and urgency. The system also extracted preferences even from Facebook, twitter and so on. Another paradigm I decided to break was that people don’t understand inputs. Giving the user the chance to toggle between profiles and devices (like video games and Bluray player) seemed to be faster and more natural.


Design the remote first.
It defines the interaction model.
I believe d-pad is the best choice.
A smart feed gives you relevant things on the home screen Watch together with remote friends. Search across different content sources, e.g. "Superheros" The best of internet, on-air and cable content. Nobody knows inputs. Just switch the mood.